Whois Privacy Protection with ewh

WHOIS Privacy Protection will be the perfect service for anybody who wants to continue to keep his personal information away from the public eye. Using the Whois Privacy Protection service made available from ewh, there is no doubt that your private information will be protected and that no person will ever find it.
By simply inserting a system mailbox in your WHOIS contact details, we’ll sort all incoming messages and allow through solely relevant notifications like transfer acceptance requests. As a result, you simply won’t be upset by spammers or individuals that want to violate your personal privacy.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

By result of a registry–imposed constraint, we cannot have the Whois Privacy Protection service to all the domain names available on the market. In case a TLD works with this type of solution by registry regulation, only then we can supply it to you also. Nevertheless, much of the favored domain names extensions include Whois Privacy Protection support.
These TLDs include: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv, .cc.

SSL Certificates

Pick up SSL certificates straight from your CP

Via the Domain Manager, you’ll also be able to get an SSL certificate for your domain name. With an SSL certificate, all the private information that your clients submit through your site (via the order form, via a login form, and so on) will be enciphered and the submitted info will never be affected.

To request an SSL certificate for your domain, simply fill in the necessary details and hit the Activate button. You can order a conventional SSL certificate, which will be valid for only one single host, or a wildcard SSL certificate, which will be valid for all the hosts under your domain name.

SSL Certificates

DNS Record Administration

Gain extensive control of your DNS adjustments

Through the Custom DNS section of our Domain Manager, you’ll able to easily change all the DNS records of your domain with just a single mouse click! All important types of DNS resource records are supported, including A, AAAA, MX, NS, CNAME, SRV and TXT records. All you need to do is fill in the new value for the DNS resource record that you want to set or modify, click the action button and allow some time for the new resource record to be propagated all over the globe. Another option is to convert a DNS resource record to its default state.

What is more, if you want to make your web site’s nameservers resemble your actual domain, you can do that with a single click of the mouse via the Domain Manager.

DNS Record Administration

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